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Top 3 things to know about probiotics

I had the pleasure of attending a lecture recently by Dr. Nigel Plummer, a respected researcher in the field of probiotics. Yes, there is a whole field of research on just probiotics alone. Probiotics and their impact on the microbiome is one of the areas of fastest growing research in the healthcare world. So what…

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Everyone’s favourite recipe from the Belly Fat Detox

A couple of weeks ago we finished the Belly Fat Detox with great success! We had a total of 40 participants and here are their results: Lot of energy Brain fog is gone Sugar cravings reduced No bloating And of course, what everyone wanted in the first place – weight loss! Today I am including…

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The #1 cause of aging and what to do about it

What do you think could age you faster? Poor nutrition, lack of exercise, or not enough sleep? If you picked sleep, you would be right. Sleep is such an important building block for our health yet in today’s modern world it is often considered an inconvenience. How often do hear people get praised for “burning the…

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Making a healthy quiche – belly fat detox approved!

This recipe is a simple dish that you can have on the weekend for breakfast, if you are hosting a brunch, or even want a quick and simple dinner that is also a great leftover for lunch the next day. It gives you all the taste without the worry about your waistline. It will take…

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Manage instead of suppressing a fever

A fever is the body’s perfect response to fighting infection. Why is it that our society is so trigger happy to suppress that perfect response? In a nutshell – fear. Instead of taking the time, energy, and effort to educate parents on the judicious use of fever suppressing medication, it is a lot easier to…

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