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Are your hormones causing you to gain weight? Take this quiz!

Are you worried about gaining weight over the holidays? I know that it was always on my radar in the past because, believe it or not, I genetically have a propensity for blood sugar imbalances that lead to weight gain and cardiovascular disease. But once I knew which hormones I had out of balance, and…

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The new Canada Food Guide is coming…what do I think?

The Canada Food Guide is finally getting a healthy revision and I for one am happy about it. Although it’s not exactly what I will be recommending, it’s a step in the right direction. In my 13 years of practice I have never once recommended the Canada Food Guide as a reference for patients to…

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Want to know what I’ve been learning recently?

About a week ago I attended the Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors annual convention. This is an opportunity to see several lectures over 3 days on topics that contribute to our continuing education, but more importantly, help our patients get better. This year’s topic was “Exploring Clinical Innovations in Naturopathic Medicine”. I thought I would…

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My favourite thai recipe

One of my favourite take-out meals used to be pad thai but I stopped eating it because of all the pasta. Even though it is gluten-free (rice pasta) there are still too many carbs in it to be healthy for my blood sugar (in a previous post, I discussed how my thyroid is so much…

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The anti-inflammatory food pyramid

Did you know that you can decrease inflammation by changing the food you eat? Food is not just a source of calories. Think of the food you eat as messages that go directly to your genes. Research shows that almost every chronic disease, at it’s root, is caused by unregulated inflammation. Think heart disease, cancer,…

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