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I only make cookies once a year and when I do it’s this one

The Christmas season tends to be the most common time of year that people stray away from their healthy eating goals. I find it interesting how the indulgences of Christmas Day have evolved over time to span the entire month of December. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the Christmas cookies that my mom makes…

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Are you making one of these 7 mistakes?

If you want to know the 7 Mistakes that (Even) Health Conscious People Make, you need to read this book by co-founder and friend of the Eat Real Food Academy, Carolyn Coffin. I started working with Carolyn three years ago when we co-founded the Eat Real Food Academy. This online community support for anyone who…

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My new favourite product for your immune system this winter

Every once in a while a company comes out with a product that I am super excited about! This year it is Genestra’s HMF Fit for School. This is an immune formula that was specifically developed for kids to take during the cold and flu season, but I will be using it myself this winter…

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