Making a healthy quiche – belly fat detox approved!

This recipe is a simple dish that you can have on the weekend for breakfast, if you are hosting a brunch, or even want a quick and simple dinner that is also a great leftover for lunch the next day. It gives you all the taste without the worry about your waistline. It will take…

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Manage instead of suppressing a fever

A fever is the body’s perfect response to fighting infection. Why is it that our society is so trigger happy to suppress that perfect response? In a nutshell – fear. Instead of taking the time, energy, and effort to educate parents on the judicious use of fever suppressing medication, it is a lot easier to…

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5 reasons a CSA is good for your health

For the past 6 years I have used a CSA. I even consider them to be part of my health care team. I also promote CSA’s to my patients. So if you don’t know what they are, it’s time to be in the know! CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. When you sign up, you…

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How I treat the stomach flu

Have you ever wondered what you can do if you get the stomach flu? I can happily say I made this video after the last time I had the flu…which was December 2015. Watch my video to hear about the treatment I used on myself, and that you can use too, if you get this…

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How to eat “better than before” in 2018

If you have been following Doctor as Teacher Tuesday for a while you might already know that Gretchen Rubin is one of my favourite authors to learn great ideas about habit change from. For the last two years in January I have recommended taking her Tendency Quiz to find out how to work with your…

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